Treasury Board Cs Agreement

51.4 By mutual agreement, the parties may use a mediator to resolve a complaint of discrimination. The selection of the Ombudsman shall be made by mutual agreement. Negotiator: UNIFOR Date of expiry of the collective agreement: 30 June 2022 Dispute settlement mechanism: arbitration 51.3 If, pursuant to paragraph 51.2, it is waived at one level in the appeal procedure, no other level is waived except by mutual consent. 23.1 The Board acknowledges the right of the association to appoint employees as stewards, subject to the agreement of both parties, in accordance with clause 23.2 below. 5. As a general rule, a medical certificate would suffice, if necessary, to support an application for sick leave for consideration. However, a medical certificate does not automatically guarantee the right to leave, unless the collective agreement is explicit on this point. As has been seen in many cases, especially those where it is a concerted work, a medical certificate is not a “Sacred Scripture” because its authors are fallible and can be misled. 1. A worker`s right to privacy must be weighed against the employer`s right to guarantee the right to the benefit claimed under the collective agreement (e.g. B sick leave) or an employer`s obligations under applicable law (e.g.

B health, safety or human rights legislation). 3. To qualify for sick leave, many collective agreements require a worker to satisfy the employer.” this condition in the manner and on a date which may be fixed by the employer`. This creates the employer`s full right to require certification of all sick leave (in the case of good faith), unless there is an additional language that modifies this right under certain conditions. Regardless of these extensive powers, each request for leave must be considered for itself. 11. Employers are required to protect the health and safety of their workers. For example, the Canada Labour Act states that “every employer shall ensure that the safety and health of any person employed by the employer in the workplace is protected.” Many collective agreements also contain similar provisions. Accordingly, an employer has the right to ensure itself that a worker does not pose an unacceptable risk to his or her own safety or that of other workers.

42.2 In the event of disagreement on the application of this clause, the parties will consult to settle the disputes. 5.1 The Parties to this Agreement recognize the mutual benefits arising from joint consultation and are ready to enter into discussions on matters of common interest; such deliberations shall not affect the position which the Council or the association wishes to adopt in the future, if it is desirable that the matters be dealt with by the provisions of the collective agreements. . . .

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