To Reach To An Agreement

They have not been able to agree on how to implement reforms. To enter into something like an agreement or agreement that gives both parties an advantage or advantage We have entered into an agreement with them to fully cooperate at all times. Agree, to be part of a formal agreement or contract We strive to reach an agreement with all parties involved (=all parties concerned or concerned). There is always a faint hope (=small hope) that the two sides will reach an agreement. A 24-hour ceasefire allowed the two armies to reach an agreement. Both the American company and we all set up to reach an agreement. * These negotiations are the first step towards an agreement. Discussions began and it took us little time to reach an agreement. * The meeting ended on an acidic note, as no party was able to reach an agreement.

To make a deal or end a dispute with someone in order to make a win/deal/deal, etc. safe or complete There was no chance that both sides would reach an agreement in the near future. to find an agreement on a subject on which people had different opinions The theater found an agreement with striking actors. . “Epidemic” vs. “pandemic” vs. “endemic”: what do these terms mean? Мы пытаемся достичь соглашения со всеми заинтересованными сторонами (т.е. всеми, кого это касается). ☰ accomplish something after much discussion or reflection. . “Stuffing” and “Dressing”: do you know the difference? Из-за разногласий между двумя сторонами было трудно прийти к соглашению. ☰ Мы заключили с ними договор о тесном и долговременном сотрудничестве.

☰ Результатов: 178. Точных совпадений: 178. Затраченное время: 136 мс Слабая надежда (т.е. маленькая надежда) на то, что стороны придут к согласию, ещё есть. ☰. “affect” versus “effect”: use the right word every time both the American company and we work hard to reach an agreement. ☰ Translate the text of each app or website in one click The theater administration has reached an agreement with the amazing actors. ☰ Word Index: 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, More. The meeting ended on a minor note, as none of the parties could reach an agreement. ☰.

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