Supply Agreement Pro Supplier

The supplier carries out the delivery operations [insert description] to other companies. [Insert supplier name] [by OR of a company registered in [England and Wales] under number [insert number] having its registered office in England and Wales] [Insert address] (supplier); and the parties intend the supplier to deliver the goods over time in a series of deliveries to the customer and not in a single delivery. The parties have agreed that the supplier will supply the customer with goods under the conditions set out in this Agreement. What is OFTOs? Offshore Owners (OFTOs) own offshore transmission facilities that connect offshore wind farms to the onshore power grid. Transmission facilities encompass everything between the offshore connection point with the generating wind farms and the (each of the supplier and the customer is a party and, together, the supplier and the customer are the parties). . The offence of wilful cause of serious bodily harm (GBH) is only possible in crown court on indictment.

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