Food Stall Rental Agreement

5.5 The rent to be paid can be checked annually by the landlord with a period of six months. Any revised tirade is rent reasonably confirmed by the market, determined by negotiations and agreements between the lessor and the lessee in accordance with second Annex 2.1 Rental period Twelve months from 1 September 201 to 31 August 201 (renewable annually by agreement of 1 August). This clause applies only to the rules governing the use of the immovable property and any other immovable property by which this agreement confers rights on the tenant. In the absence of a common agreement on an appropriate arbitrator for Chartered Surveyor, either party may, for the time being, inform the President of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, request the President or the duly appointed official of the President to appoint an arbitrator who then enters the reference, and it is a special condition for the arbitrator so appointed to be able to, within three months, ask the arbitrator to make his or her decision. after the date of the date of the date. For the elimination of doubts, the cost of appointment, the cost of reference and the cost of the arbitral award are left to the absolute discretion of the arbitrator….

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