Complete Journal Publishing Agreement Submitted

ǰǣͶ毋JPCCҸѾxߵݽ Journal Publishing Agreement£ Dear xxxxxx: The electronic journal publishing agreement can now be concluded through your ACS Paragon Plus homepage. The Journal Publishing Agreement replaces the ACS copyright form and is the result of ACS`s ongoing efforts to provide ACS authors with the best possible publishing experience. This agreement gives ACS authors a number of new rights regarding the use of their manuscripts and describes certain behaviors expected by ACS authors. To access the Journal Electronic Publishing Agreement, please log in to your ACS Paragon Plus homepage under Click either the “Submitted Manuscripts” queue or forms awaiting completion, and then click the “Complete Journal Publishing Agreement” link. If you have forgotten your user ID and password, you can access your account information via the password help function under Please take the time to read and complete the corresponding section of the electronic newspaper publication contract by entering your name in the box and dating the agreement. When you`re done, click “Submit” below in the form. xxxxxxxxxxxxx We must have a journal publication agreement in order to publish your manuscript. If you have any questions, please contact the American Chemical Society Publications Publications Desk at

Thank you very much. Sincerely, Prof. Catherine Murphy Senior Editor The Journal of Physical Chemistry Phone:xxxxxx Fax:xxxxxx ҳ𝼧ABCһ毋בֺڵݽAǣ Form A should be signed if the copyright is simply transferred to ACS. If some authors worked for the U.S. government and others did not write the paper, Form A should be signed by one of the authors who are not employed by the U.S. government. If some authors have worked for the governments of Australia, Canada or the United Kingdom and other authors did not do so when the document was written, Form A should be signed by one of the authors who are not employed by one of these three governments. Bǣ Form B should only be signed if all authors were U.S. government employees when the document was written. On Form B, copyright is not transferred to ACS; Instead, the signature of the form confirms that the document is a work of the U.S. government.

Form C: British, Australian or Canadian Employees (Crown Copyright, formerly known as “Blue Form”) Form C is only signed if all authors were employed by the governments of Australia, Canada or the United Kingdom when the document was written. ǶйxABC ־ ÔDZǩһփ֪λֵܽûуӦô ͽ̣ллл Сľ鿴 Different journals have different periods of criticism and it also depends on the specialty of the manuscript, the availability of experts and the number of publications published in a year. Average verification times range from 4 to 8 weeks, but may be longer or shorter depending on the journal and the above factors. If your manuscript has been sent for verification, the status of the filing system should normally change to “Under Review” or something like that. If the status has not changed since the manuscript was first presented, you can send an email to the magazine publisher for more information. It`s normal for magazines to check a manuscript for more than 6 weeks, but since you have a tight deadline, it would be a good idea to ask. This article has a template that allows you to send a request to the magazine`s editor-in-chief about the current state of your work I submitted a manuscript to a journal A of the American Chemical Society in early April via ACS Paragon Plus…

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