Agreement Tags Exercises

To remind yourself, note that asking for confirmation is close to a “real” question, hence the growing intonation. However, if you ask for approval, the day of the question is rather an additional statement, hence the intonation that falls. I`m Korean, and I think there`s a kind of tag of questions. Does that mean “true?” So we say, “That pizza was good. Wasn`t that it? But there is no grammar like the day of the question in Korean, so it is just the pharase that has a similar meaning with the day of the English question. It is a little strange to say with the transcription a few sentences with question tags in Korean. Hello! I am from Ukraine and we only have one question day. For example, you`re a doctor, like that? Question tags are the simplest and most logical grammar, aren`t they? If you use it regularly, your speech will be more interesting and fuller. Good luck learning English! ;)))))) I think a question day makes a lot of sense. It is useful for it to be used when a spokesperson is not sure whether something is correct or not; the spokesman is exactly in the middle of affirmation and negation. On the one hand, other languages that don`t have question tags express the same situation simply by adding “good?” just to get approval of one`s point of view. If used to request approval, intonation descends at the end of the question tag.

I speak Russian and Ukrainian and there are question tags in these languages. And I`m sure there are a lot of question tags in other languages, right? Question tags are used to spin a conversation. You can accept a sentence with a question day or reject it. In Portuguese, we also always use question tags, that`s very useful, isn`t it? Hello Learn English Team, why this video cannot be viewed??? I really want to know more about question tags. Because I always have a bad score in my English class. Tag questions are used to ask for approval or ask for things, favors or new information. To determine which one, listen to the sound of the spokesperson. A growing tone at the end of a day question indicates that this is a real question. The spokesperson wants to know something or wants someone to do something. However, the drop in tone means that the spokesperson is seeking approval.

If you`re watching the video, look at the sample question tags. They are red in the subtitles. Then, read the conversation below to learn more. Finally, perform the grammar exercises to make sure you can understand and use the question`s tags. This lesson is very useful because we use it in everyday life One day is like a label. For example, you may see price tags attached to products in a store. We add question tags at the end of the statements to turn them into questions. They are used in the spoken language, especially if we want to check if something is true or invite people to tune in to us. Other languages don`t really have question tags, do they? Question tags are used to request approval or confirmation.

Sometimes we use question tags with imperatives (invitations, commands), but the sentence remains an imperative and does not require a direct answer….

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