Xcel Energy Interconnection Agreement

(2) If SPP finds that generator interconnection may affect the transmission system, SPP SPS informs of these effects and provides SPS with all system impact analyses detailing these effects. The requirements for interconnections with a capacity of less than 10 MW, as mentioned in The State`s Rule 568, are listed in the New Mexico Interconnection Manual. The manual includes the interconnection process, agreements and applications. Separate documents are also included below. All transmission network guidelines must comply with the following guidelines, in addition to the CEC requirements. Minnesota Public Utilities Commission Rules, Chapter 7835 on cogeneration and small-scale electricity generation, address the interconnection of qualified facilities. With Status 216B and House Bill HF956. The following links take you to the Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statues website and open in a new window. Xcel argues that complaints should not be attributed to its quality of service plan; The plan was never designed to include liaison issues that have their own review process. The interconnection agreement formally documents the general operating conditions of the customer and the maintenance of an interconnection proposal. The contract is a legally binding contract between the customer and us, which sets the amount of production allowed and refers to other technical, operational and tariff requirements.

After completing the necessary technical screens and studies, we will provide the customer with a connection agreement and a cost estimate for all necessary upgrades. Section 9 and Section 10 tariffs contain information on interconnection agreements. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) proposes standards for the interconnection of small production (less than 20 MW) for facilities under the Commission`s jurisdiction. This generally applies to interconnection at the transmission level. Interconnection at the distribution level is generally regulated by the Stadtwerke Commission. Xcel Energy is a powerful solar option for eligible customers in Wisconsin. For those who cannot install solar energy, the Solar-Rewards-Community program allows customers to invest in municipal solar garden projects within the Xcel Energy system, which produces local solar power for participating customers. Other electricity suppliers in the state are Alliant Energy, which offers a similar network metrotage program but does not have a communal solar program. As soon as the customer signs and returns an interconnection contract and we resign, the work continues with detailed planning and construction of our infrastructure to support the desired production link. The coordination of our work is based on the operating date provided by the promoter and depends on other system works, outages/emergencies, situations of mutual assistance and progression of all sites under construction on a particular food.

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